Premier Wealth Advisors, Inc. was founded in 2008.  We utilize a client centered approach to financial planning.

Our Company Approach to Financial Planning:

We provide financial planning as a focused or comprehensive financial plan.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
– This analysis is an in-depth study of the following areas: Cash flow, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning, investment planning, and life goal planning.  The comprehensive financial planning engagement will be conducted over 4-6 meetings depending on the complexity of the financial profile.

Focused Financial Planning – When a comprehensive financial plan is neither desired nor appropriate, we provide focused planning concentrating on no more that two aspects of the planning spectrum (see above).  These engagements are conducted over 2-4 meetings, again depending on the complexity of the financial profile.

Most successful people have one thing in common: they want to get more out of their lives, and they don’t want to spend their time doing things they are not good at or even interested in.  We specialize in helping people make decisions that can contribute to significant changes in the future.

Recommendations, strategies, and management are made only after a thorough examination and evaluation of a client’s financial situation.  The specific reason or reasons that brought you here will probably be addressed first.  As a part of that solution process, we will take a broader look at other options, timelines and ways to proceed with whatever option you choose. The evaluation is broken down into several well-defined areas and all or a portion of them may be analyzed for you:

In the area of FINANCIAL LIFE PLANNING/GOALS, we can help you determine:

  • What money means to you.

  • How you can use your money to make a life instead of your life to make money.

  • How to live your life by design rather than be default.

  • What the tangibles and intangible are that you want your financial assets to provide you and your family.

  • How life transitions will affect you and how you can proactively prepare for the financial challenges and opportunities that await you.

  • Which financial goals and passions are realistic and achievable.

In the area of CASH FLOW/BUDGET PLANNING, we can help you determine:

  • The extent to which you are living within or beyond your income.

  • How much you can safely spend and how much you need to save.

  • How your current standard of living compares, for example, with what you might expect in retirement, if you get out of debt, or after you put your children through college.

  • How to easily track your budget.

  • How to convert portfolio wealth to income in retirement.

  • The answers to such miscellaneous questions as how can I automate routine financial transactions, should I pay insurance premiums annually or monthly, when is it preferable to arrange tax withholding on income instead of paying estimated tax payments throughout the year, and so forth.

With cash flow planned well, day-to-day management of finances is easier, and it is more likely that you will reach your financial goals in a timely manner.

In the area of TAX PLANNING, we can:

  • Refer you to an accountant if you need one, or work with your accountant if you already have one.

  • Review your tax return each year to spot planning ideas visible to us because of what we know about the rest of your financial life.

  • Provide summary tax data about your investments each year that makes the preparation of the annual tax return easier for you and likely more accurate.

  • Inform you of changes in the tax law and discuss with you what the changes mean for your financial planning.

  • Track cost basis data for portfolios that we manage.

  • Assist with miscellaneous questions such as how to organize and how long to save financial papers, what particular expenses are tax deductible, and when to consult the accountant or attorney.

With taxes planned well, it is more likely that you will pay the right amount of taxes and less likely that you will encounter a surprise tax liability.

In the area of ESTATE PLANNING, we can:

  • Refer you to an attorney who specialized in estate planning when you need one, or work with your attorney if you already have one.

  • Assist with some of the personal decisions involved in estate planning.

  • Compile date for your estate planning attorney, and identify and summarize potential estate planning issues for your attorney’s consideration.

  • Go with you to the attorney’s office or work with your attorney on your behalf.

  • Alert you to changes in the law or in your own circumstances that make a visit with your attorney appropriate.

  • Assist with the updating of titles and beneficiary designations as advised by your attorney. 

  • Outline the provisions of your estate documents on our database so that is always available for our review.

With estate documents well planned, it is more likely that your preferences with respect to both medical and financial affairs will be honored in the event of your incapacity or death.

In the area of RETIREMENT PLANNING, we can:

  • Create a long-term tax and cash flow forecast that will pinpoint a probable lifestyle based on assets accumulated or amount of savings planned in pre-retirement years.

  • Test the sufficiency of your retirement capital against your life expectancy and spending requirements.

  • Help you select the best pre-tax retirement program available to you.

  • Perform multiple “what if” scenarios so that you can understand changes in assumptions over the long term.

  • Help you determine an appropriate lifestyle goal for the future.

With retirement planning thoroughly analyzed, you are more likely to achieve your long term financial independence goals and avoid under funding those important years.

In the area of INSURANCE PLANNING, we can:

  • Identify potential gaps in your insurance coverage and show you how to close those gaps.

  • Clarify your employee benefits package, and specify what insurance coverage is needed to supplement that package.

  • Tailor insurance recommendations to your needs so that you pay the right amount for the correct coverage.

  • Alert you to changes in the industry or in your life that suggest need to update insurance coverage. 

  • Plan for what to do when insurance coverage stops, for example, when you leave a job or change marital status.

With insurance coverage well planned, you are better protected against the financial consequences of a major misfortune.

In the area of INVESTMENT PLANNING, we can:

  • Characterize your current portfolio with respect to how well its risk and return characteristics match you circumstances and preferences, and how well costs have been minimized and diversification optimized.

  • Specify the portfolio appropriate for your goals and circumstances and determine how to get from your current portfolio including specific investment purchases and sales.

  • Identify portfolio strategies that minimize attempts to time the market or to guess which individual security or mutual fund will be the next hot performer.

  • Implement suggested portfolio strategies.

  • Provide access to investments not available to retail investors.

  • Establish optimal allocation for retirement plans at work

  • Provide ongoing education about investments.

  • Regularly monitor and re-balance the portfolio.

  • Discuss portfolio questions with you as they arise.

  • Coordinate investment strategy with tax planning, and suggest specific investment ideas designed to reduce tax liability.

  • Plan how to convert portfolio wealth to regular income in retirement.

With investments well planned, you can be confident that personal wealth will from in a manner that is appropriate and tax efficient for you.


  • Help you decide whether, when, and how to talk with parents and children about financial issues.

  • Provide financial education for your newly adult children.

  • Be a resource to you for financial intergenerational questions that arise in your extended family.

  • Assist you in raining financial questions with your extended family to the extent that you desire and help you to identify issues that could profitably be raised.

With intergenerational issues well addressed, family relations and family wealth are enhanced.

OTHER ISSUES: We help clients with other concerns as they arise that are at all related to finances, for example:

  • Help a child get started on an investment program.

  • Help you decide on an educational savings program.

  • Brainstorm about prenuptial agreements.

  • Plan job negotiations for a new position, a raise, or a layoff.

  • Decide whether, when, and how to give adult children financial gifts.

  • Tailor charitable gift strategies to personal values and tax status.

Life is a lot more comfortable when you have an advisor to turn to whenever any issue in your life develops that even remotely impacts your personal financial situation.

All of these areas are important in helping you achieve personal financial success.  Successful people need and value all aspects of financial planning.  Our planning services include mathematical analysis and forecasting, professional evaluation and advice, specific recommendations, support, a structure for making decisions, and accountability – all so that we can enable people to make effective financial decisions, and to find ways to become more effective in their personal and business lives.  Often people work with us to put issues into perspective, and to make important decisions that require professional analysis.

When it is not possible for our team to handle your concerns alone, we will call in outside professionals and monitor the relationship to endure that the work done on your behalf is of the highest standards.

We generally recommend our clients engage us for a comprehensive financial plan.

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